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    The Hammock Diaries: My perfect day in the Cotswolds

    The Hammock Diaries: My perfect day in the Cotswolds

    In a recent survey conducted by a national newspaper, it was found that the ultimate ‘happy place’ and experience in the UK was none other than enjoying a cheeky pub lunch in the Cotswolds. Quintessentially British in every way, it’s no surprise that the Cotswolds has claimed the top spot - it now attracts millions of visitors each year, and has been recognised as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

    Sarah cutting Dahlia flowers

     My own ‘happy place’ is quite similar. I’m completely in love with the Cotswolds - the beauty and charm of the quaint countryside, villages and market towns hold no bounds. I have, however, decided to swerve the classic pub lunch in favour of something altogether more peaceful - but still involving a little tipple & a bite to eat. 

    Hammock, fruit, flowers and gin and tonic

    Today I’m spending time at the stunning house just outside Burford. Complete with pool, tennis court and tree house, it’s a pretty neat deal. I’m free to cut some flowers from the sumptuous gardens, and pick some plums from the nearby orchard, which tasted gorgeous, I must say. There's even a peach tree.

    Woman in hammock drinking gin and tonic

    All this was incredibly hard work, as you can imagine. I therefore decided to wind things down by spending some time in my trusty hammock. I’ve decided to opt for a slightly different hammock this time (the gorgeous new Amazonas Colombiana dontcha know?) and set up residence on the lawn. A gin in tow, naturally- the beautiful Garden Tiger gin, blended with 34 botanicals and distilled in Cirencester (keeping the Cotswolds connection going nicely). Add a splash of Double Dutch tonic, and we’re in business.

    Woman sitting in Amazonas colombiana olivia hammock

    The hammock and gin combo, complete with the most excellent of backdrops, has been sheer bliss. As much as I love a good pub lunch in the Cotswolds, I think I’ve found something even better.

    The author Sarah Catherine

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