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    The Hammock Diaries: Summing Up Summer

    The Hammock Diaries: Summing Up Summer

    Aerial view hammock and stand on lawnIn classic British style, this summer has probably lived up to its usual expectations- it’s been damp, brief, and a little uncomfortable. While we’ve had the odd few sunny days, it’s all been a bit dismal hasn’t it? But as per usual, we’ll soldier on and make the best of it. 
    Woman writing sat in hammock

    So as the seasons are beginning to shift, I thought I’d try and catch the last few summer rays out in the hammock. It would be rude not to.  
    Gin and tonic and a hammockToday’s hammock session will be put to very good use indeed- I’m reflecting on a few holidays, and making some rather ambitious plans for next summer. Which means a lot of writing, a lot of researching, and a fair amount of gin drinking. I’ve gone for an exclusive gin courtesy of Cotswolds Distillery- the gorgeous Baharat gin, paired with a rather apt addition of Fever Tree Mediterranean tonic. It’s a winning combination.  
    Bottle gin tonic and hammock

    Keeping with the Mediterranean theme, I’m already day dreaming about my next summer holiday.  My hammock time has allowed me to reflect upon my past adventures, and look forward to those that lie ahead. But if my grand summer plans don’t quite pay off, there’s always the hammock.  
    Woman picking grape hammock diary

    The author Sarah Catherine

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