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    Choosing a Hammock

    With so much choice perhaps the first question is with or without a spreader bar (the wooden bar seen on some hammocks).

    Traditional Hammock

    We call this traditional or classic because it is the original style of hammock. Considered to be the most comfortable and stable the fabric can wrap around the user creating their own little nest. Perhaps the choice for sleeping and relaxation. But flexible to use how you like- sit up, lie down or share with a friend.

    Traditional classic hammock


    Hammock with Spreader Bar

    A hammock with a spreader bar will look more attractive because it is suspended 'open' and also easier to get onto for the casual user but because it is hung more taut a little less stable. The user lies more on the surface of the hammock so great for sunbathing, and snoozing. Also if it does get wet then it will dry quicker than a traditional hammock.

    Hammock with spreader bar


    Size and Material

    When choosing a hammock often bigger is better. The bigger the hammock the more comfortable it usually is so any extra cost can be worthwhile.

    Most of our hammocks are made from cotton. If not cotton then this is indicated against the product. Cotton is a natural material - if left to the elements it will deteriorate over time and colours slightly fade. Remember if left out in the rain it needs to be left to dry otherwise a soggy hammock awaits. Some of our hammocks are made from EllTex. EllTex is a special mix of polyester and cotton that is very weatherproof, hardly fades and stays extremely tearproof. On top, it is snug and soft like cotton. Before storing a hammock ensure it is dry

    How to Hang a Hammock

    Hammocks are designed to be hung so that they sag. A taut hammock will not be as comfortable as it should. Aim to hang the hammock loops around head height (180cm)

    Diagram how high to hang a hammock

    Not everyone is fortunate to have two trees conveniently spaced but don't worry below are options for most probabilities


    One of the easiest options and certainly an attractive one is to choose a hammock stand. Easy to assemble, a stand has the advantage it can be moved to catch the sun or perhaps avoid a breeze. Each of our hammocks lists compatible stands.Of course the stand needs to be large enough to take the hammock but importantly for safety reasons please take note of the maximum load capacity of the stand. Or make life a bit easier and go straight to our Hammocks with Stand collection. 

    Hammock standhammock attached to hammock stand
    Enjoying the shade.

    Two Trees

    Fantastic you have two trees to hang your hammock from. Now make life super easy with a Smartrope, Microrope or T-strap. Convenient, easy to adjust for the correct tension and quick to attach or unattach your hammock.

    Smartropesmartrope                                                                                                  White Smartrope

    One Tree 

    Just one tree and no second fixing point?  To address this is the Madera. The weatherproof ashwood stand is anchored in the ground with a ground peg and the 'second tree' is ready and the hammock can be hung up!

    Madera hammock standmadera hammock stand                                                                                                    The Madera 'second tree'.

    No Tree! But a Wall or a secure Post

    For a wall the Easy Plus Wall Hook is the answer. Plugs and screws included just attach to your wall. With a secure post use the Jumbo Carabiner

    Easy Plus Wall HookJumbo Carabiner                                                                                                                           Easy Plus Wall Hook                                                                       Jumbo Carabiner       


    Hanging a Chair
    A hanging chair only requires one fixing point, whether that be a tree, pergola or in the home. Generally speaking the minimum height to hang a chair from its fixing point is 220cm. If higher, then a rope can be used to extend the distance.

    Though one can lie in a hammock lengthwise or across its width, most hammocks are best used with a diagonal position, as it provides the most room and support.