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    The Hammock Diaries: Holidaying in Hammocks

    The Hammock Diaries: Holidaying in Hammocks

    Woman lying in hammock by pool

    What comes to mind when you think about a hammock? Is it that sun-kissed beach in Barbados, decked out with a hammock and cocktail in your hand? If I'm honest, I couldn't really blame you if that was the case. But I've recently discovered that hammocks aren't just reserved for flashy holidays - you can in fact enjoy that relaxing hammock in the comfort of your own home.

    Woman with feet in pool drinking gin

    This summer, I'm doing my best to enjoy the sights and sounds of our Great British countryside. I've tried hiking, running and even water sports to try and switch off for a few hours, but they haven't quite hit the spot. My favourite outdoor pastime actually requires a lot less activity - I love nothing more than kicking back with my trusty hammock and a glass of gin.

    Bottle Cotswold Dry Gin and Peter Spanton lemongrass tonicWoman in hammock holding glass of gin by pool

     Today’s selection consists of Cotswolds dry gin, paired with Peter Spanton lemongrass tonic. It really does hit the spot. The hammocks themselves are ridiculously comfy, and are easier to climb into than expected (although my first attempt wasn’t the most elegant). In between all the drinking and the snoozing, my mind has been free to take a wander for a while. It’s like a little holiday in my own back garden. 

    Woman in hammock with Cotswold Dry Gin

     So do away with those overpriced trips abroad. Your perfect holiday is already waiting for you - right there in your hammock.

    The author Sarah Catherine

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