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    Fair play, honesty and integrity.


    You our customer can relax in all our hammock products in the knowledge that they are tested to the highest standard in Germany to exclude the risk of injury and know that they are safe to use. And of particular importance for our products for use by babies and children.

    Hammock being tested for load
    Grenadine Barbados Double Hammock being tested for weight capacity.

     Our wooden stands are made from  certified sustainable weatherproofed spruce wood

    Our Brazilian hammocks provides more than 100 workers with a secure job. The majority of them are paid two to three times the minimum legal wage, which offers them and their families a steady income. In addition, they enjoy social standards which are largely unheard of in the rural areas of Brazil, such as social security, health insurance and paid holidays. Production is in state of the art buildings with dust extraction systems to ensure a dust-free working environment. Ear muffs are used which is practically unheard of elsewhere. And the quality of raw materials used conforms to European standards

    Brazilian hammock workers
    Some of the amazing team making our hammocks. Learn more All About Our Hammocks


    Our products are competitively priced in a straight forward way to offer excellent value to you our customers. We do not publish a high RRP and a lower 'Our Price' to fool you into thinking you are paying less. Neither will you see any dubious SALE with 'up to 50% off'. Any savings and special offers made through our website are genuine and less than our everyday prices.

    Knowledge and Expertise

    At Hammock Barn we love hammocks. We endeavour to give as much information about hammocks and all our products throughout the site but if you have any questions please do not hesitate to drop us a line