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    The Hammock Diaries: Great Outdoors, Great Ideas

    The Hammock Diaries: Great Outdoors, Great Ideas

    They often say that ‘your best ideas occur to you in the bath’. Or the shower, depending upon your preference. I would tend to disagree with that statement though, as I’ve found that my best ideas come to me in the comfort of my favourite hammock. With a gin in tow, of course.

    Woman in amazonas hammock with gin and tonic

    If you’re anything like me, you’ll be all too aware of how difficult it is to find a space that not only allows you to relax, but also the opportunity to think more clearly. My weekly hammock sessions are making a huge difference to my mental capacities, and gives me a chance to get some creative juices flowing. It certainly beats working on a laptop in a noisy coffee shop!

    Hammock and bottle of Ramsbury Gin

     Spending time outside in my hammock has allowed me to focus on my work, and become organised in my approach. I’m usually quite chaotic, so it seems that my hammock time may have actually worked a miracle.

    Woman writing in Amazonas Lambada Hammock Tropical

    While hammocks may not always promise miracles, they can certainly help when attempting to gather your thoughts for your next big venture. So get yourself outside, embrace our balmy British weather, and plonk yourself down in a hammock. You won’t regret it, I promise.

    Hammock and wooden stand in Cotswold Garden

    The author Sarah Catherine

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