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    The Hammock Diaries: Emergency Hammock Time

    The Hammock Diaries: Emergency Hammock Time

    I now need my hammock more than ever. After a truly manic week, the worst fears of a millennial such as myself have been realised- I am without internet. I am off grid, out of the loop. And as much as I hate to live up to stereotypes, I have to say that the lack of internet is actually driving me a little bit crazy. Sad, I know.

    Table and chairs under tree

    I was therefore looking to use this week’s hammock time to catch up on my social media, as well as sending out a few urgent emails. Not the most relaxing use of a hammock by any means, but as my previous Hammock Diary goes to show, you can get into a surprisingly organised state when you’re tucked up in your hammock. 

    Woman writing in a hammock

    As I’ve been left traumatised by my few days offline, I thought it would be wise to not only seek refuge in my hammock, but also in the form of a trusty G and T. Today’s selection is the locally produced Ramsbury Gin, paired with a cheeky 6 O’ Clock tonic. It’s easing my pain. The gin-and-hammock- combo proves its worth yet again. 

    Woman working in hammock

    This week has made me realise how versatile a hammock actually is. Although we tend to associate hammocks with relaxation, it’s been interesting to see how it’s served as a space for me to not only get some work done, but also as a source of comfort when things go a bit pear shaped. When all else fails, there’s always the hammock.

    Aerial view of woman in hammock

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